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Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, J.Q. Public had spent her early years creating short skits and dances for family and friends. J.Q. spent her summers with her grandparents in North Dakota. She vividly remembers watching soap operas with her grandmother and falling in love with each character. Ever since her earliest days, she was fascinated by acting.

J.Q. left Ontario in 1987 to attend Northern University in Utah. She studied art, humanities, and literature, as a student at the University. However, she could not escape the allure of theater and quickly began auditioning for parts in local theater productions. She began reading every screenplay she could find. From classical theater to contemporary film, J.Q.'s love of acting was uncontrollable. J.Q. soon sold her television to get enough money to buy a plane ticket to Hollywood.

J.Q. was excited to be in Hollywood, where she could study people, and listen to their stories. "I became a student of life", she recalls. A year later, J.Q. married a prominent director and planted her roots in Hollywood for good. J.Q. then began writing short screenplays and continued auditioning for any production that would see her. Her first acting job was for an Acme Soap commercial.

It wasn't long before J.Q. landed a big role in a major motion picture. Her first major role, playing Jane Smith in the blockbuster thriller Eye of the Hurricane, earned her considerable acclaim and earned J.Q. several glowing reviews. Since that time, J.Q. has appeared in nearly a dozen films and television episodes.

J.Q. is now working on her first leading role in a major motion picture, which is due to be completed early next year. "J.Q.'s love of acting is infectious", said one fan at a recent film shoot, "Once you see her work, you want to find everything that she has appeared in".

- Peter Jones, Anytown Tribune
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